Home Jay's Jukebox offers its customers an extensive music library from which to pull the tunes that get your guests out of their seats and moving to the music.
About the DJ  
  Jay's Jukebox has exactly what's needed to fit the style and purpose of your event.  Whether you're looking for romantic love songs for a wedding reception, oldies but goodies that will take you and your classmates down memory lane at your next class reunion, or even some toe-tapping, down-home music for a western-themed party, if you want it - we've got it!
Rates Our vast collection includes music from the following genres:
Contract/Forms           Top 40           R&B  
            Country           Disco  
References           Rock           Hip-Hop  
            Oldies           Light Rock  
Contact           Adult Contemporary           Line Dances  
            Jazz           Swing  
            Dinner Music           Comedy  
  As is plain to see, whether your special event is geared towards a specific song list or a little bit of everything, our music collection can provide the sound you want.
  Let Jay's Jukebox help you create the soundtrack that will take your next party from ordinary to extraordinary!